Residential Roof Tune up Inland Empire

  • Have a small roof leak, dry rot or damaged roof?

  • Lost a shingle or two with high winds?

  • Buying or selling a home and need an inspection with pictures by a licensed roofer?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Micasa Roofing’s Residential Roof Tune up service may be the solution for you.

Our Roof Tune up Services in Inland Empire Includes:

1. Up to 100sf area Rood Leaks Repaired
2. Up to 10 Shingle Tabs Replaced or 10 Tiles
3. Reseal Chimney Flashing
4. Reseal pipe vent flashings
5. Replace any pipe vent flash in repair area (as necessary)
6. Secure all Nail Pops
7. Re-Nail Loose Gutters or Straps
8. Secure Loose Flashing
9. Remove Debris from Roof
10. Provide Before / After Photos

If you are not ready to invest in a brand new roof,

then our Roof Tune up might be a great temporary solution for you!

Roof Tune up Package #1: $525 (roofs tune up to 1700 Sq.Ft)
Roof Tune up Package #2: $625 (roofs up to 2100 Sq.Ft)
Roof Tune up Package #3: $725 (roofs tube up to 2800 Sq.Ft)

Roof Repair Inland Empire

Ignoring roof repair and roof maintenance can end up being costly. Most roofs require re-roofing or roof repair every ten years. Your home can sustain severe water damage, mold damage and other serious problems. By calling in Micasa Roofing for routine roof inspections and roof re-pair services at the first signs of trouble you can greatly reduce even larger and more expensive problems.

Before deciding to re-roof a building or home, Micasa Roofing performs a thorough inspection and presents your options and costs with the best-recommended roof repair solution.

Re-roofing consists of removing the current roof and underlayment, and inspecting the plywood deck. After replacing any plywood we install new underlayment over the clean deck and install the roofing material. Re-roofing may involve re-installing the existing roof tiles or installing new roof tiles. On shingle roofs, we install new shingles.

Roof Repair Signs for Action:

1. Are there missing, splitting or curling shingles?
2. Do you have cracked, broken or missing tiles?
3. Is your roof more than 15 years old?
4. Are there brown spots or other signs of water leakage on your ceiling?
5. Do you have rusted or missing flashing?
6. Do you have water ponding on your roof?
7. Have you noticed a dramatic change in heating or cooling bills?
8. Do you live in an area that experiences extreme weather? High winds, excessive rain, extremely hot or cold temperatures, etc.)

Roof Leak Inland Empire

Give Micasa Roofing a try:

1. call us at 909-833-0591
2. setup a free estimate
3. get the best possible price

Got a leaking roof and need it repaired as soon as possible?

We will be more than happy to take care of that for you. There is really no need to look any further for the right roofer, because you have found Us, your local roofer “Micasa Roofing”.

We realize that their are plenty of roofing companies but the question remains are they trust worthy?

If you got a rood leak and you are in Inland Empire, then call Micasa Roofing immediately and you will get:

1. A full detailed inspection of your roof leak, so you know your problem areas
2. Everything is in writing, our bid proposal specifies all work to be completed & warranties in writing.
3. Daily progress of your roof repair with pictures through email
4. Quality workmanship and top grade products.

Whether if it’s a roof leak, roof tune up or any roof repair services you can rest assured that we will get the job done quickly and effectively. We have done hundreds of roof repair services all over the Inland Empire, orange and LA counties leaving satisfied customers with quality work and great customer service.


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